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Anna L.

5 Star

I got rear ended couple months ago. I immediately got in contact with Michael. I was amazed at how quickly he responded and get me the help that I needed from medical to auto shop repair. Michael is very detail oriented and he always take his time to explain everything to ensure that we are on the same page. He is very personable and genuine; throughout the whole process I felt that he taken care of my case as if he would with his own family member. I am also very grateful for him and his team's effort in making this whole process extremely smooth. Moreover, Michael goes above and beyond to ensure his client gets everything they deserve. I definitely recommend him to friends and family. 10/10 service!!!

Melissa T.

5 Star

My brother is a new driver and recently got his first ticket, and Michael was able to help us reduce the ticket to a lower fine. We had a great experience working with him - he is very professional, responds quickly, and reliable. We are so thankful to have come across his services and would definitely use him again.

Elicia M.

5 Star

Mr. Hua has been amazing helping me with my case. He’s helped me understand how things may or may not play out during the case. I feel confident Mr. Hua is very knowledgeable with cases like mine and will help me all the way through.

Salvador S.

5 Star

I had an excellent experience. He was nice and was always super attentive with the case. And always notified me of everything.

Tina L.

5 Star

Quick to respond and efficient. I would definitely recommend for anyone that needs legal services!!

Kelly B.

5 Star

Micheal was very knowledgeable! He kept me updated on my case and had a very good response time when I would ask a question. He always followed through with what he said he was doing. I would recommend him to anyone!

Javier C.

5 Star

I am so pleased with the law firm and Michael !

I couldn’t Thank Michael enough ! I was dealing with my situation for a year and the previous law firm could not do anything about ! But luckily I was referred to Michael ! He did an exceptional job, he was able to get my case dismissed ! The attorney really cares to fight for his clients until the very end and is determined to settle the case for his clients best interest ! I 100% recommend the firm and Michael the attorney !

Roger W.

5 Star

Within a span of month I could not catch a break with tickets. I got one speeding ticket going 10 over and then another ticket for speaking on the phone. Bad habits sadly that I will definitely cut off. I was searching online for attorneys and did not feel comfortable with most of the companies I was reviewing. Then someone referred me to Michael who I instantly messaged. He got back to me right away and alleviated my stress concerning my tickets. He was very knowledgable and gave me the break down of how things will pan out. Overall I was greatly satisfied with his service and will always refer others to him.

Kayle R.

5 Star

If your looking for a lawyer with compassion, then Michael is your guy! Not only has he been helping my mother with a case he also helped me when I was in a pinch. He jumped right on it and got my case dismissed which im so very grateful for!!! Hire Michael and I promise you , you will NOT be let down!!!!

Daniel R.

5 Star

Got my very first speeding ticket in Boulder City. I didn’t know what to do and was freaking out. Michael Hua was very professional and explained everything to me. He was able to drop my ticket down from 31-40 over the speed limit to an illegal parking ticket with 0 points on my license. It cut my $400 ticket in half. And that’s good especially dealing with Boulder City! I totally would recommend Michael!

Los S.

5 Star

This firm has came through for me time and time again with great service and help with tickets. Greatly appreciate their services.

Richard G.

5 Star

I got a ticket for going 31-40mph over, and to top it off, it was in the airport tunnel. At this point, I had 3 options: fight it myself, go with one of the big box lawyer companies, or go with Mike. I consulted with Mike and some of the big box lawyer companies, but did not to commit to any at the time. I forgot about the ticket for a while, and then I received a call from Mike reminding me about my ticket. This is the attention to detail and care that Michael provides to his clients. I never received a call from the big box lawyer firms reminding me about it. After using Michael, he got my ticket reduced to illegal parking with no points and no traffic school. I highly recommend Michael if you are looking for a great lawyer in Vegas.

Albert O.

5 Star

I've had two dealings with Mike: one for a ticket and the other for a car accident. There is one constant that I've noticed about Mike, he never over promises but he over delivers. My speeding ticket was reduced to a lower fine and my arduous car accident was handled meticulously. My insurance company tried to low ball me with insulting offers but I was badly hurt. I turned to Mike for help and he took care of every facet of my case, from getting medical help, a service car, and my payment for a new vehicle. Mike is meticulous with his work so that I could focus on my work. Lastly, he will always answer your call, which is extremely comforting for hurt and anxious clients. Thank you for all you've done, Mike.

Ray W.

5 Star

I found Mr. Michael Hau through yelp review. Not even realizing he was an injury attorney. However after giving him a call and explaining my story, he decided to take my case anyway. Mr. Hau empathized and showed he was on my side. It was nice to be able to just have a conversation but then also be serious when need be. Although he did not make any promises with how court would go, it did feel comforting having someone like him in my corner. And I am very satisfied with the outcome.

Mr. Hau communicated with me every step of the way, keeping me informed. If anyone is looking for a great lawyer look no further, call Micheal Hau

Benjamin S.

5 Star

Michael helped me after my car crash, and made my experience with insurance and physical therapy seamless. It can be a very overwhelming and stressful feeling being injured in an accident, and trying to get a hold of insurance companies, all while having to go to work and make a living.

Michael made the process simple, and was always looking out for my best interests. I absolutely recommend him to anybody in similar situations!

Jino S.

5 Star

Michael Hua helped me with my speeding ticket and got it reduced! I was very pleased with how prompt and responsive he was. He was very forthcoming with all of the details and answered all of my questions which is something I greatly appreciate. I recommend anyone in need of help with litigation, Michael can surely support you!

Kobe B.

5 Star

I was recommended Michael by a friend of mine, after I got into a car wreck. I was injured and stressed out with trying to get ahold of insurance companies. Michael made the process stress free, and I am very glad I made the choice to go to him! Highly recommend to anybody in similar situations

Eric C.

5 Star

Michael is extremely knowledgeable. He's provided sound advice over the years. His service level was amazing, kept me up-to-date consistently with all the moving parts. Michael has earned my trust and will be utilizing him for any future needs. Thanks Michael!

Ohara K.

5 Star

Mr. Hua:

I cannot in a few words tell you how thankful I am.I just wish none of this had happened, however, thank you for the caring support during these difficult times. I'm so happy that you are where you are, and I'm glad I chose you to represent me.

Ohara, Ki

Selena G.

5 Star

Michael definitely handled my case very professional and was very understanding through the entire process. I definitely would recommend him! 😁

He would always follow up after my accident and let me know where I was in the process. I’ve went to him for 2 accidents and he’s given me the best expires through those hard times. Thank you!

Milena G.

5 Star

Our family is very thankful to Michael Hua for his tremendous dedication when no other attorney wanted to help us. Don't let his young appearance misguide you because his professionalism and knowledge are on point. I strongly recommend him.

Hanna N.

5 Star

Michael was very professional, understand and a very good listener nonjugemanta person. He gave me his time, quality service. I will refer to anyone who needs help on his professional help.

Lesley J.

5 Star

Michael is very courtesy and professional. He helped us to deal with our HOA for repairing the leaking issues. It's our big headache for almost a year, we really appreciate for Michael's help to get it resolved faster.

Justin L.

5 Star

Michael was very helpful and knowledgeable when it came to my case. He was able to help me reach a fair settlement in my negligence claim against Tire Works. I would definitely go to Michael again and would highly recommend his counsel.

David C.

5 Star

Was referred by a friend. First timer dealing with a lawyer. Michael was responsive and took the time to answer my questions in details. Very knowledgeable

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