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You are not clumsy. It wasn’t because you did not pay attention. You didn’t just fall for no reason and you had a slip and fall accident. A negligent property owner may be the cause of your accident if they knew about a problem and did not fix it, potentially leaving you injured, disabled, unable to work, and with large medical bills. This is not fair or just.

Slip and fall lawsuits give you the power to receive full and fair justice for your injuries and to teach negligent property owners a lesson.

Regardless of whether it’s an unaddressed spill, a broken railing or step, a dangerous obstruction of some sort, or some other factor a property owner had full knowledge about yet didn’t address, you’re left managing a large number of issues that were to no fault of your own. You do not need to needlessly suffer for the negligent actions of another.

A lawsuit can be made for a slip and fall claim against a property owner who’s negligence has negatively affected your life. We are here to help.

Slip and Falls are legitimate cases

Slip and fall cases are necessary to hold negligent property owners responsible. They can also result in life altering injuries. These are complex cases and require a slip and fall lawyer that can look for what is necessary to come with a resolution. Corporations and insurance companies will typically want to battle you in court on a slip and fall case.

Read to learn more about slip and fall suits, whether you need to pursue one, how we work to prove your case, and find out more about what we may do for you.

Common injuries in a case with a Slip and Fall Lawyer

Serious injuries come as a result of slip and falls. Common injuries are:

Hip Fractures

A hospital stay after a slip and fall for a hip fracture is not out of the ordinary. Surgery is typical along with months of rehab and therapy.

Brain Injuries

Many folks land on and injure their head in a slip and fall accident oftentimes resulting in a concussion. In some scenarios, others may develop moderate and serious traumatic brain injuries.

Back Injuries

Your back is especially vulnerable in a slip and fall. Herniated discs, slipped discs, spinal cord damage are common symptoms and injuries resulting from a slip and fall.

Shoulder Injuries

Another common injury are shoulder dislocations and tears near the shoulder. You may experience unrelenting pain throughout your arm down to your hand as well as a limited range in motion for an indefinite time after your accident. These oftentimes require surgery to repair.

A Slip and Fall Lawyer understands the evidence required.

Suppose you were recently in a slip and fall accident. Perhaps it was a wet and tricky spill on a supermarket floor, an unnoticeable broken stair that was never fixed or even checked, or some other dangerous condition that injured you to no fault of your own.

Michael Hua Injury Law Personal Injury Lawyer Las Vegas Slip and Fall Lawyer Las Vegas

The instant moments after the accident are some of the most important. For a slip and fall personal injury case. If you are unfortunately caught in a slip and fall accident, you should take photographs or videos of the dangerous condition, your injuries, and obtain an incident report.

Considering you may wind up with large medical expenses, injuries, and the fact that your life is now different, you may be thinking about filing a slip and fall lawsuit. This is when it is essential to contact a slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible. Slip and fall lawyers know what to look for. A slip and fall lawyer can interview witnesses before they begin to forget the important aspects of your case. A slip and fall lawyer can gather key evidence before it is lost, such as surveillance footage. Slip and fall lawyers can obtain photos of your injuries and recreate your accident, collect your medical records, and get an incident report if and when available.

Getting evidence is just the start to building your case. There are many other things slip and fall lawyers consider to prove your case.

Slip and Fall Lawyer Process.

1. Gather Initial Documents

We first gather all relevant records to your claim such as: incident reports, medical records, medical bills, photographs and videos that you have taken, so we can understand the gravity of your injuries and begin to build your case.

2. Investigate and Gather Evidence

Once we have the initial documents, we investigate your accident into the fine details. We will obtain reports, security footage, and more that may be available related to your crash.

3. Negotiation

We then present your case to the defense before we need to enter the courtroom. If the negotiations do not result in a successful settlement, we are prepared to file suit and take them to court to present your case in its fullest and most aggressive form.

How your Slip and Fall Lawyer proves your case.

You know it was not your fault but you want to prove that your slip and fall was caused by the negligence of a property owner. How would you and your slip and fall lawyer prove this in a lawsuit?

In essence, it comes down to whether a dangerous condition existed on the property that the property owner knew or should have known about and could have found and fixed before needlessly causing injuries to you, the unsuspecting victim.

Dangerous Conditions

A dangerous condition presents an unreasonable and unexpected risk of harm. Common examples of a dangerous condition are slippery spills on a supermarket floor that management failed to address. Grocery shoppers do not expect unattended spills when they are busy browsing the prices and items on those profitable grocery store shelves. Another example may be a broken stair at a movie theater. When you are at the movies, you expect the stairs to work as intended. You do not expect stairs to just give way and force you to fall. You definitely do not expect the movie owner to know and have been warned about the condition and fail to repair it.

A Property Owner’s reasonable actions

On top of a dangerous condition that is unattended, a slip and fall requires showing that the property owner did not act reasonably. A reasonable property owner would put a policy and system in place to fully address any and all dangerous conditions on the property to protect the general safety. When a property owner fails to do this and potentially creates a condition where people may risk getting hurt and leaving them stuck with large medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, and a loss to enjoyment of life, that property owner is negligent.

With this, a slip and fall lawyer and legal team will seek to answer the following questions as they investigate your slip and fall claim:

  • Did the dangerous condition last long enough for the property owner to obtain notice?
  • Is there standard policies and procedures at the premises to examine and search for dangerous conditions?
  • Did the owner maintain proof of these procedures?
  • Did a legitimate reason exist for why the area was hazardous, like a slippery floor being washed next to a yellow caution sign?
  • Is there a reason that the area was dangerous and was there a way to make it safer?
  • If an object caused the slip or trip and fall, could the object have been placed somewhere else?
  • Was a warning sign enough?

Did the Property Owner break any official laws, rules, and regulations?

In some instances, if an injury stems from a property owner failing to abide by local building codes, then negligence may be proven. For example, when building codes dictating where railings could be installed, the height of stairs, the size of a crack, and many other requirements related to safety features are neglected, then you may have a claim if you are injured.

Can your Slip and Fall Lawyer Sue your Landlord?

Imagine a scenario when you slip and fall at your apartment and you are harmed. If a landlord knows an unsafe condition exists or should have known about the condition, and fails to do anything about it or fails to fix it, then the landlord may be responsible to the injured party. Proving this always depends on the facts and circumstances. Factors include time the unsafe condition existed and the level of danger of the hazard. A landlord may be held liable for slip and falls at a tenant’s apartment for code violations.

Contact a slip and fall lawyer to investigate the premise of your injury before the area the evidence changes or disappears.

AirBnb: Who is responsible?

AirBnb is a popular service offering an alternative to hotels, accommodating travelers all around the world. Patrons essentially rent a room or house from another, avoiding the large hotel or resort company.

What happens if you or a family member is hurt at an AirBnb? AirBnb actually has robust protections for guests and therefore, if you are injured at a AirBnb host’s property and you’d like to seek compensations for the harms and losses that you suffered, we may seek expenses from AirBnb’s host protection insurance. AirBnb insurance does have certain exceptions such as asbestos.

What is the value of my Slip and Fall case?

You may be wondering what your slip and fall case is worth after injuring yourself and landing deep in medical bills and other expenses. Many factors can go into this; however, depending on the circumstances of your case, the best way to find out is to contact us through our free evaluation form, no strings attached.

Do not hesitate to contact Michael Hua Injury Law immediately after a slip and fall so we can get you the full justice and compensation you deserve.

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